The entries for yet another awesome Etsy contest have rolled in. This time, the contest is co-sponsored by William McDonaugh and Michael Braugart, the authors of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. The theme is "upcycling", a term the co-authors coined for the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value. In this contest, Etsy challenged users to create an object made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. You can view all unsold entries over at Etsy.

Winning entries won't be officially announced until February 1st, via the Etsy blog, but below are my top five favorites (in no particular ranking):

SIM Card Earrings

SIM cards are removable "smart cards" in phones that securely stores the key identify a mobile phone as under the service of a particular company (T-Mobile or Cingular in the US). In essence, a SIM card allows one to buy a mobile phone and keep it if they decide to switch plan providers.

That said, I'm all for recycling and reusing materials, so if you have a few SIM cards laying around because you change plans back and forth between Cingular and T-Mobile, then here's a way to make them into awesome earrings: How To Make SIM Card Earrings.


The Manflesh and I woke up to yet another round of snow. The snow from the first round hadn't even melted. Two real snowfalls! In Seattle! In one month! What's going on here?


I did have to go to work, despite the fact that city shuts down with a wee bit of snow$#8212;this seasons weather has cost me a lot of money since I don't have paid leave or any benefits befitting a real employee. But even if it doesn't save me from going to work, I still love the snow. Thus, I'm going to honor it with some awesome snowy finds via the wonderful Make: Blog:

Dave's Hipster Scarf

I had finished this hipster/emo/indie rocker scarf a few weeks ago, but I set it aside and didn't finish weaving in the ends. And then I purposefully put off weaving in the ends because once I wove in the ends, I knew I had to give it to my friend whom I didn't want to take possession of the scarf because I hadn't taken a picture, and I knew that if I gave it to him without taking a picture it would end up in a pile of dog shit and running through the wash whereupon it would be ruined just like his hipster/emo/indie rocker gloves I made a few years back.

Thick and Skinny
Long Shot

And today, I finally wove in the ends and took pictures.

I figured I had no other choice as I had been withholding this scarf from Dave for a number of weeks now. And really, even the most merciless of ninjas can't continue to withhold something after telling someone they're holding it for ransom until that someone agrees to go out to sushi. Of course, if Dave decides not to go out to sushi tonight, I won't be held responsible for continuing to withhold this scarf....

Dave's Hipster Specialty

2007 Knit List

If you're a freaky-deak knitter like me (or if you're even worse than me), you end up with tons of web links, knitting patterns from books and magazines, and sketches that just pile and pile and pile until you have such a huge library of things you want to knit, but haven't even attempted. In the case of my "purgatory of knitting dreams and desires," some of the items span back to the year 2000. So this year, I'm going to try something new. Instead of just adding more items to my wish list, I'm going to attempt to tackle what I do have. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't add more items. As any crafty ninja knows, the more you look at magazines and blogs, the more you add to your list.

The 2007 Knitting
(Compiled from the Land of Knit Purgatory)

  • Backyard Leaves Scarf. Interweave 2006 Holiday Issue. (The Manflesh Mother's 2007 Christmas gift.)
  • Swirling Ribs Sweater. Adrienne Vittadini, Fall 2001.
  • Roman Holiday Dress. Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2006.
  • Embroidered Socks. Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006.
  • Modified Forecast Sweater. Knitty, Winter 2005. Done.
  • Totoro Hat—pattern to be based from the Totoro Baby Bonnet.
  • Lace Shawl—no pattern.
  • Re-envisioned Samus Sweater. Knitty, Fall 2005. (The idea's cool, the execution not so much.)
  • Melon Scarf for The Manflesh Mother's birthday. Done.

Well, that's it for now. I'm afraid if I add any more, I'll feel overwhelmed and slack off.

Updated 5/10/2007

2007 Crafty Ninja Resolutions

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions, but I'm most certainly one for making lists of anything and everything, including goals. And really, what's a New Year's resolution if not a goal?

2007 Crafty Ninja Resolutions
(Most Likely To Be Updated Within Six Months)

  • De-stash, de-stash, de-stash (mostly where yarns are concerned).
  • Finish the design of this site, send it live (it's almost been a year for fuck's sake), and update more regularly.
  • Use that sweet collection of fabric/yarn dyes on silk and yarn.
  • Have the best garden and produce output I've ever had (meaning, more vigorous weeding and watering than prior years).
  • Finish all sewing projects that were set aside.
  • Consider taking a seamstress class to improve my sewing skills (finances depending).
  • Consider taking a spinning class (finances depending).
  • Consider taking a metalwork class (finances depending).
  • Work on that awesome idea for a pirates and/or ninjas quilt.
  • Obtain and install a corkboard upon which to post this list and all other goals lists.