Dave's Hipster Scarf

I had finished this hipster/emo/indie rocker scarf a few weeks ago, but I set it aside and didn't finish weaving in the ends. And then I purposefully put off weaving in the ends because once I wove in the ends, I knew I had to give it to my friend whom I didn't want to take possession of the scarf because I hadn't taken a picture, and I knew that if I gave it to him without taking a picture it would end up in a pile of dog shit and running through the wash whereupon it would be ruined just like his hipster/emo/indie rocker gloves I made a few years back.

Thick and Skinny
Long Shot

And today, I finally wove in the ends and took pictures.

I figured I had no other choice as I had been withholding this scarf from Dave for a number of weeks now. And really, even the most merciless of ninjas can't continue to withhold something after telling someone they're holding it for ransom until that someone agrees to go out to sushi. Of course, if Dave decides not to go out to sushi tonight, I won't be held responsible for continuing to withhold this scarf....

Dave's Hipster Specialty