Hong Bao Bag

About a year ago, Craftster user the_mullet posted this gorgeous purse made from Hong Bao—red packets/envelopes used to give money during Chinese New Year celebrations.

There's no tutorial included, but the_mullet covered the envelopes with Duraseal contact paper and used duct tape to hold the seams together. I'm sure there is a way to add that extra "professional" touch to the purse by fusing the paper to fabric and sewing it, or by using something like contact paper to reinforce and protect the packets and then in turn sew that. Might be something to add to my ever-growing list of projects...

More About Red Packets

Bursting With Chocolate

In other news, I participated in my fourth craft swap through Craftster. This time, it was chocolates and chocolate themed crafts that were swapped. Also, I yet again had a swap partner in Canada. This time, she was much, much farther away than Vancouver, B.C. I spent much time stressing about my package and whether or not it would successfully sneak it's illegal way through customs (you cannot ship food across the border). I was relieved to find that it did indeed make it safe and sound to my swap partner.

Here's what she received from me: a box of See's chocolates, assorted high-quality chocolate bars, a box of polymer clay chocolates, a scree printed "Brown Cow" tank.

And here's what I received from her: Assorted Easter chocolates, Pocky, Toblerone, Pop Rocks chocolates, fany chocolate in a "travel tin", a long brown tank that reads "I *heart* chocolate", awesome Resse's chocolate flip flops, choclate flavored lip balms, a Chocolate Rice Krispies journal, and a pink and brown pouch to store my chocolate stash.

Blame Canada!

I signed up to participate in an international craft swap through Craftster. While there's a certain amount of risk and trust involved in the other party, craft swaps are a wonderful excuse to make new items and try new techniques. Also, it's just really fun sending people goodies, and getting a nice suprise in return.

Here's what my partner in the not-so-distant Vancouver, BC received from me:

And... in package #2, I sent her: An "Obey" paraody with Bush, bamboo fiber yarn, various kitschy fat quarters of fabric, a copy of The Stranger, See's chocolates, Moose Munch, Seattle Pork Rub, Cadburry eggs and Peeps, and the much dreaded Applets and Cotlets that have somehow become a Washington novelty food (blech).

And finally, here's the wonderful goodies I received from her.

Package #1: