Regarding the Forementioned Technical Difficulties

So, the poor little iBook has a new 80 gig hard drive, a few missing screws, and a screen that is worse for the wear. However, it runs sans funny screams. And as long as I don't move to much or look at it the wrong way, the screen won't black out. I have high hopes that my little computer will last through my graduate school application process and through to March when Apple will release new firmware updates for the Intel-embedded MacBooks.

Once I re-install PhotoShop, this site will be back in business. For the time being, updates will be scattered, but more frequent than before.

Technical Difficulties

I came home Wednesday night tired from shopping for last-minute Halloween supplies and subsequently carting them via weakling limbs to my apartment. I flopped on the futon and opened up my 5 year-old iBook. Suddenly—as if summoning banshees—the hard drive began screeching and scratching. And then it shuddered violently and shut itself down. Because my iBook loves me that much, it hung on to the very bitter end until I could safely transfer all of my precious photos, music files, and writing scraps over to the Manflesh’s much older and hopefully more stable Mac. Then, it shuddered and convulsed. Then it died, with one last gasp of screeching breath.

So…all of my photos and such are kinda hard to access right now. That means Fug Fridays may be infrequent. Mohair Knitter Mondays will last a bit longer as I have made those entries in advance. Everything else is up in the air, as this is a craft site and thus relies on a lot of photos to keep it interesting. Since this blog isn’t officially “here” yet (i.e. I've been blogging on it before finishing the design and code) , I’ll probably be really lazy about updates. Thus is my way of the craft ninja, I suppose.

The Source of Bad Luck

I decided to clean out my craft coffers, digging up relics from my childhood. The idea was to attempt to sell some of these relics, but when one comes across the below obscenities, what the hell do you do?


I hate to throw them out because they're perfectly usable stamps. Just...I'm not going to use them. And are you going to use them? Didn't think so. I know someone out there would want to use them, considering they were made in the first place. But...damn...