Lems' Arm Warmers Update

My customer, "Lemonade", snapped a shot of her in the arm warmers.

I'm simply ecstatic that they fit so well. Making something special for another person and having it turn out so well is one of the greatest feelings!

Mittens for Minerva

Mittens for Minerva
Mitten for Minerva

Custom Arm Warmers

My first pair of custom arm warmers made for a person much smaller than myself. It's always so easy when the customer's measurements are close to my own, allowing me to check for fit while making the pattern up as I go. I always check gauge, but this required a lot of blind faith. I'll be interested in seeing if they fit the customer perfectly or not.

Lems' Arm Warmers
Lems' Arm Warmers
Lems' Arm Warmers

Also worth noting: they're made from super-soft organic cotton that is not dyed. Go go ninja knitting skillz!

Neck Warmers Attack

I'm finally starting to list the mass of neck warmers I have stacked up... Looking at all of these, I can't help but feel a little bored with them. I have some much more awesome goodies in the works, I just need the time to finish them.

Buttered Popcorn Neck Warmer
Pink Elephants on Parade Neck Warmer
Fall's Cocoa Neck Warmer

April Fool's Sale

Bushed Westie

I'm having an April Fool's Sale from March 31st - April 2nd. No, this is not an April Fool's joke, just an April Fool's sale. If you buy my stuff, you get 15% off, free shipping and an awesome bonus CD journal. The CD journal is awesome—so awesome that I'm going to be selling them soon in my shop for $10-$20 a piece. That's how awesome they are!

Reasons to buy my stuff:

  1. My new reading glasses were expensive.
    • My glasses benefit you because they will allow me to write more, read more (so my writing is better), as well as make cooler stuff to sell or give to you as a gift.
  2. I want to clear out some of the stuff in my shop so I can start selling more guy-oriented things.
    • Things in the works: Zombie Survival kits and manuals (this will be awesome); geeky guy tees; gloves, hats and scarves for fall and winter; trendy half-fingered gloves for bikers, street musicians, and hipsters.

P.S. My shop site will be down from 8 PM - 8 AM Eastern Standard Time. That is simply a cruel, cruel April Fool's Joke (hence the sale lasting three days).

Celebration Sale

Well, I will finally be working full-time hours. Even though it's web work, and even though there are some—ahem—issues with certain aspects of some of the work, this means I'll be making money. Soon, Tyler will not have to pay my portion of the rent. Nor will he have to pay for all of my tuition. Also, the small fortune I owe him will trickle back into his bank account. My school loans and massive credit card bill will shrink quickly until they poof into a cloud of green smoke. I will be able to pay for graduate school applications.

The guilt I live with daily for taking my wonderful boyfriend's money will vanish. The worries I have about not being able to provide for my cute, fluffy dog will vanish. The stress and crying and screaming will vanish. The sleepless nights will vanish. The feelings of worthlessness for not even being hired at a cafe or in retail will vanish.

And, to celebrate, I am going to have a sale at my Etsy shop. All items will have free shipping until March 10th (my next payday). Of course, if I know you, then I'll just hand-deliver the items and nix $3 off your purchase. Buy away, my minions, buy away.